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One-Acts (45-60 mins) One-Acts

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Snow White's Miner Adventure51. Snow White's Miner Adventure by Mike Noland
Cast: 4 M, 10 F, 19 flexible, opt. extras (With doubling: 3 M, 5 F, 14 flexible)
Time: Approximately 45-60 minutes, 51 pgs
FARCE/SPOOF. The laughs never end in this side-splitting version of “Snow White.” The King marries an evil makeup-loving queen who quickly sets out to rid herself of her stepdaughter, Snow White. T... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Tartuffe52. Tartuffe by Lorraine Thompson
Cast: 7 M, 5 F, 2 flexible
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 50 pgs.
SATIRE. The wealthy Orgon is a man of principle, but he is easily duped by Tartuffe, a sinister con man, who―under the guise of being a pious, righteous man―has set out to steal Orgon’s estate, seduc... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, The Black Cat53. Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, The Black Cat by Albert T. Viola
Cast: 1 M, 1 F, 8 flexible (With doubling: 1 M, 1 F, 2 flexible)
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 41 pgs.
CLASSIC HORROR COLLECTION. This collection contains three of Edgar Allan Poe’s most popular Gothic horror stories and preserves all of the psychological terror that made them classics. In “The Black... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Three Sundays in a Week54. Three Sundays in a Week by Albert T. Viola
Cast: 14 M, 14 F, 10 flexible (Doubling possible.)
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 49 pgs.
CLASSIC/SATIRE COLLECTION. Surprise and delight your audience with an evening of humorous tales by Edgar Allan Poe. Though Poe is best known for his horror stories, he also wrote several entertainin... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Tuesdays with Mummy55. Tuesdays with Mummy by Wade Bradford
Cast: 4 M, 4 F, 10 flexible, opt. extras (Doubling possible)
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 56 pgs.
FARCE. This is farcical fun at its best! After the last archeologist “met with a bit of an accident,” the famed Oxford professor Rigby Melville is called to Egypt to find the secret chamber of Thutm... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Urning It: The Shortcut56. Urning It: The Shortcut by Ed Vela
Cast: 2 M, 3 F, 6 flexible, optional extras (With doubling 2 M, 3 F, 1 flexible)
Time: Approximatley 50-60 minutes, 51 pgs.
COMEDY. This one-act version features all the quick-fire wit and hilarity that made the award-winning full-length "Urning It" so popular! Ward Hammacher has just discovered that his extremely rich a... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Where Does the Time Go?57. Where Does the Time Go? by Kevin T. Baldwin
Cast: 3 M, 5 F, extras
Time: Approximately 60 minutes
FARCE. On the eve of his divorce, Keith Bixby, a community-theatre actor, has a tryst with Lynda, one of the chorus girls in the show. During his sexual encounter with Lynda, Keith “misplaces” the m... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wilde Tales58. Wilde Tales by Doug Goheen
Cast: 7 M, 7 F, 25 flexible, extras (With doubling 4 M, 3 F, 15 flexible)
Time: Approximately 45-60 minutes, 47 pgs.
FABLE. This collection features three well-known fairytales by Oscar Wilde adapted for the stage. All three tales mix elements of fantasy and fable. In “The Nightingale and the Rose,” a poor tutor ... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wilderness Bound59. Wilderness Bound by J. Patrick Moss
Cast: 10 F, 1 flexible
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 61 pgs.
COMEDY. Instead of going to a recreational summer camp, Stacey inadvertently ends up at a court-appointed wilderness camp for troubled teens. Stacey must survive for 30 days trapped in the deep wood... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wind in the Willows, The60. Wind in the Willows, The by C. Edward Wheaton
Cast: 3 M, 4 F, 16 flexible, opt. extras (With doubling: 3 M, 2 F, 10 flexible)
Time: Approximately 60 minutes, 59 pgs.
CLASSIC. Adapted from the novel by Kenneth Grahame. Struck with spring fever, Marely the mole emerges from his underground home and ventures to the river, where he meets up with Ribby the water rat ... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wingin' It61. Wingin' It by Paul DiLella EDITORíS PICK
Cast: 3 M, 6 F, 7 flexible, opt. ext. (With doubling: 3 M, 5 F, 6 flexible)
Time: Approximately 60-75 minutes, 62 pgs.
FARCE/SPOOF. RearWay Air is known for having the most crashes, accidents, canceled and delayed flights, and lost luggage. Flights depart whenever the pilot shows up, the bottled water tastes like ke... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wizard of Odds, The62. Wizard of Odds, The by Murray J. Rivette
Cast: 9 M, 8 F, 2 flexible (With doubling: 5 M, 4 F)
Time: Approximately 45-60 mins, 54 pgs.
FARCE/SPOOF. In this over-the-top spoof, Dorothy refuses to give the Wicked Witch of the West the magical ruby slippers for fear she may be elected to Congress or the White House. After enduring bad... READ MORE | BUY NOW

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