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New Farce

The Legend of Little Lump

By Jeff Folschinsky

FARCE. When crop circles appear, ominous noises are heard, and a government agent arrives disguised as a “fisherman,” the residents of Little Lump, TX, suspect something may be awry.  The local radio station owner is convinced the government is trying to cover up nefarious alien activity in town.  Luckily, Gertie, the owner of the Gas ‘n’ Sip gas station/diner, has been preparing for an apocalypse for years and has her own arsenal of rocket launchers she’s purchased on the Internet.  Gertie’s determined not to go down without a fight, but what results is what you might call an “intergalactic whoopsie moment.”  She shoots down an alien spaceship on a mission of peace and a terrified alien ambassador mistakenly takes refuge in the Gas ‘n’ Sip kitchen.  Whooops!  This hilarious action-packed farce requires only one set and features numerous opportunities to showcase physical humor.


For Young Audiences

Hamelot: A Pig's Tale

By Tommy Jamerson

INTERACTIVE. The audience is encouraged to ham it up in this hysterical, hog-tacular adaptation of “The Three Little Pigs.”  Mamma and Papa’s three piglets are eating them out of house and home and their favorite ice cream, Hog-en-Daz. Before kicking the piglets out, Mamma and Papa warn them to stay away from the Big Bad Wolf and swindlers. When the piglets venture into the woods, they meet a swindler and his accomplices who humorously convince two of the piglets to trade their gold coins for some sticks and straw. However, Bo, the smallest piglet, sees through the scam and works slowly and surely to build a brick house.  After the Big Bad Wolf blows down the straw and stick houses, Bo thinks his brick house is secure, but the Big Bad Wolf brings along his biggest fan! Plenty of puns, one-liners, and opportunities to showcase physical humor. Perfect for touring.


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Short Plays

Check out our new Short Plays category.  Mix and match short plays and monologues to make your own show!  Short plays or monologues can be purchased individually from any of our play collections.  Royalties for individual short plays are just $20 per performance and single monologues are just $10 per performance.