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Wonderland151. Wonderland by C. Edward Wheaton
Cast: 6 M, 7 F, 24 flexible, opt. extras (Flexible cast. Doubling Possible)
Time: Approximately 75-90 minutes, 76 pgs.
FARCE/SATIRE. This adaptation incorporates not only Lewis Carroll’s two classic novels, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, but some of Carroll’s poems and even his essay “The Two Cloc... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Worst Talent Show…Ever!, The152. Worst Talent Show…Ever!, The by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 6 M, 10 F, 15 flexible, opt. extras (Doubling possible.)
Time: Approximately 90-120 minutes, 85 pgs
COMEDY. After a lengthy stay in rehab for her marshmallow addiction, Persi is trying to make a comeback as the emcee of a new TV talent show, “Shooting for the Stars.” The lineup includes a “singing... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Wowie, Howie!153. Wowie, Howie! by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 5 M, 14 F, opt. extras
Time: Approximately 90 minutes, 83 pgs.
FARCE. Howie, a college freshman, has a problem meeting girls—they don’t want to meet him. Howie is so socially inept, his best friend is his pet canary, Larry, and the two even wear matching outfit... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Young Davy Crockett154. Young Davy Crockett by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 7 M, 8 F, 1 girl, extras
Time: Approximately 70-80 minutes, 68 pgs.
HISTORY/COMEDY. Told with warmth and plenty of down-home humor, this play chronicles Davy Crockett’s early life (1801-1804) in a series of easy-to-stage scenes. The story features Davy’s life at the... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Zombie Movie155. Zombie Movie by Kamron Klitgaard
Cast: 6 M, 9 F, 10 flexible, opt. extras
Time: Approximately 120 minutes, 57 pgs.
INTERACTIVE FARCE. A film crew arrives at a rural cemetery to start shooting the zombie movie, “The Return of the Night of the Living Dead Flesh-eaters, Part Two: This Time It’s Personal.” The film... READ MORE | BUY NOW
Zombie Tango, The156. Zombie Tango, The by R. Eugene Jackson
Cast: 9 M, 15 F, 1 flexible
Time: Approximately 75 mins, 56 pgs.
FARCE. Everyone at the school dance takes notice when a strange group crashes their party. The newcomers stink, grunt, have no sense of fashion, and look like they took mud baths. Well, it turns ou... READ MORE | BUY NOW

Page: 7 of 7. Showing records: 151 - 156.
Displaying 25 plays per page. Show 25, 50, 100, ALL
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