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Four Thieves, Three Assassins, One Idol, and a Ruby

About the Story

Four Thieves, Three Assassins, One Idol, and a Ruby During his 50-year writing career, Irish author Lord Dunsany (1878-1957) wrote numerous short stories, poetry, novels, essays, and plays. From a wealthy aristocratic family, Dunsany became the 18th Baron of Dunsany when his father died in 1899, and he lived most of his life at Dunsany Castle. Dunsany is known for his odd writing habits, which included writing with his own handmade quill pen and sitting on an old crumpled hat. Dunsany was an avid hunter, a world traveler, a champion pistol shooter, a cricket player, a chess player, and an animal rights advocate. Dunsany’s works often contain inexplicable supernatural events as well as characters who tell fantastic tales from exotic lands. Today, Dunsany is best known for his fantasy fiction.


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