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New Comedy

Get Off My Cabbage!

By L. Don Swarz

COMEDY In this hilarious sequel to Regrets Only, cranky curmudgeons Lottie and Bernice are back and they are grumpier than ever!  This time they are lounging on Lottie’s front porch selling cabbages and passing the time reading newspaper obituaries, spying on their neighbors with binoculars, analyzing Anna Skupka’s butt lift, wondering if the local peeping Tom will stop by to see their underpants, and flinging doggie doo-doo at a passerby.  Meanwhile, Hal and Sal, who are now working as house painters, are sitting on the porch of an abandoned home next door eating lunch and arguing whether Sal has a thing for Brad Pitt, lamenting the dangers of can lids, and discussing the merits of deli meat, cow tongue sandwiches, and colonoscopies.  There’re plenty of cabbages, curmudgeons, and crazies in this side-splitting play!


New Classic

Great Expectations

Adapted by Tracy Wells

CLASSIC.  Adapted from the novel by Charles Dickens.  While visiting the graves of his parents, Pip encounters an escaped convict who asks Pip for food and a file to saw off his leg iron.  Pip obeys, but the convict is soon captured.  Years later, Pip is taken to the house of  wealthy, reclusive Miss Havisham, who has arranged for Pip to play with her adopted daughter Estella.  One day, a London lawyer appears and informs Pip that a secret benefactor has given him a large fortune and he must go to London to begin his education as a gentleman.  Overjoyed, Pip assumes Miss Havisham must be his benefactor and that she intends for him to marry Estella.  As Pip becomes a gentlemen, he deserts his true friends but is humbled in the end when he discovers the identity of his benefactor. 


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