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New Comedy

Queen Zixi of Ix

Adapted by John I. Baker III

CLASSIC. Adapted from the novel by L. Frank Baum. This fantastical adventure will charm your audiences with its wit and whimsy. When the Queen of the fairies grows tired of merrymaking, she has her fairies weave a magic cloak that grants its wearer one wish. The Queen orders one of her fairies to give the cloak to the first unhappy person she meets, who happens to be a poor orphan girl, Margaret. Margaret becomes a princess and her brother Bud is declared the new king of Noland. Meanwhile, the rascally, rotund Roly-Rogues have conquered the kingdom of Noland and forced its citizens to tend to their every need. The citizens have to constantly feed the ravenous Roly-Rogues large pots of soup and scratch their big bellies. With the help of Queen Zixi of Ix, King Bud and Princess Margaret must find the magic cloak so they can rid themselves of the maddening Roly-Rogues once and for all.


New Romantic Comedy

Jane Austen's Emma

Adapted by Tracy Wells

ROMANTIC COMEDY. Adapted from Jane Austen’s novel. In this humorous romantic comedy, the wealthy, mischievous Emma Woodhouse has a penchant for meddling in the love lives of others and delights in playing matchmaker. Even though Emma imagines herself to be quite skilled at matchmaking, it turns out she’s horrible at it! When Emma plays matchmaker for a friend, a wildly hilarious tangle of misunderstandings, mix-ups, and mayhem ensues. And in the end, it may be Emma herself staring love in the face without even knowing it!


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Short Plays

Check out our new Short Plays category.  Mix and match short plays and monologues to make your own show!  Short plays or monologues can be purchased individually from any of our play collections.  Royalties for individual short plays are just $20 per performance and single monologues are just $10 per performance.